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Submit one paragraph that points out the strengths for each of the following web pages:

1) (CiteSeer.IST Scientific Literature Digital Library)
I searched on the phrase 'transient quantum computing' (no quote marks).
Result: No documents match Boolean query. Trying non-Boolean relevance query.
This still returned 500 results, which one has to slog through page by page. It's the standard Google interface, which can be tiresome. I would have expected the results to have been ordered by the number of citations by default. When I clicked on each of the ordering options (Expected citations, Citations, Hubs, Usage, Date) I really didn't see my results ordered in that way. What exactly does it mean to order by Hubs? Being able to correct the text of any citation is alarming! The interface is disappointing overall.

2) (ACM Digital Library Portal)
I really like the ACM portal interface (am a member). You can personalize the search page for yourself, browse the library, provide feedback, and link to help pages. It's very organized. I searched on the phrase 'transient quantum computing' (no quote marks). No exact results were found (which was not indicated), but the portal still returned the 200 most relevant results. The Sort options are very handy and the relevance icons are useful. One has a better idea of where one is during the search process.

3) (Google Scholar)
The professionalism of Google Scholar is obvious. Their Scholar Preferences, Advanced Scholar Search, and Help pages are thorough and well-thought out. I especially like the section "Why isn't my paper included?" The types of material that can be searched (except images & videos) is amazing! However, one might forget the current settings for the next search. I searched on the phrase 'transient quantum computing' (no quote marks). The results returned were completely different from the other two sites, but much more relevant. Google Scholar delivers! I wonder if it is integrated with Google Desktop?

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