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Citeseer – Citeseer is an online database which provides free access to various research papers. It provides the number of citations and also breaks them down by the year and context. These added nuances make it particularly appealing. It also provides references as bibtex entries, which makes life a lot easier while citing documents.

Google Scholar – I find google scholar to be an extremely useful resource. Utilizing the power of the google search engine , it often makes hard to find papers available. In addition, the search results are ordered according to the number of citations, thus retrieving more relevant papers. It also lists the most common people associated with the query. This is useful for retrieving all possible articles by a particular author.

ACM – The ACM digital library hosts citations and full text from ACM journal and newsletter articles and conference proceedings. It is a paid service and provides only a limited amount of information (citations and abstracts) for free. It is somewhat limited since you are mainly limited to searching only ACM affiliated articles. IT does provide bibtex and endnote support.

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