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'CiteSeer' is focused on giving feedbacks about citations for each document. It shows statistics and graphs for the citations so people can visualize how useful a certain document has been. It also provides options to search by citations or acknowledgments which are not found from other sites.

ACM Portal
'ACM Portal' provides more search options such as 'Only search in' or 'Conference Proceeding', etc. It also lets you save the search result to what they call a 'Binder'. The search result shows reviews for each document, and its publisher site if there exists.

Google Scholar
The biggest advantage for 'Google Scholar' is its domain: it contains more web-documents (PDF, PS, etc.) than any other sites, and is linked to 'Google Books' so the search result includes contexts from books scanned by Google as well. For me, it showed the most desirable search results compare to the other two.

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