Kyuhan's Assignment 5

Citeseer has a simple UI, but it gives powerful “citation” functions. With Citeseer, people can find out how many times the target paper was cited per year, and which papers cite the target paper. Also it provides several useful links such as DBLP link in which you can find other papers of the author you want to find. Citeseer has several mirror web pages unlike other two paper search engines. It can be an advantage and disadvantage. Even though PSU server was down, people could still use other school links such as MIT, U of Zurich, and National U of Singapore. However, in other words, there is a high possibility that the server is down like last weekend and Monday.

ACM digital library is the best organized search engine among these three search engines, but it is limited for ACM publications. People can search a paper with a simple search, an advanced search or a categorical search such as Journal, proceedings, and magazines. It provides a full text service, so that people can access a pdf format research paper directly and easily from the ACM digital library site. Within campus network this full text service is free, but out of campus you should be a member of ACM to use their service.


Google scholar is a famous and powerful paper search engine for academic and non-academic people. Google scholar gives numerous results for the keyword if it is compared to other two sites. For instance, when I used “repenning” for the search keyword, there were 47 results with Citeseer and 97 results with ACM potal, but there were 2,900 results for Repenning with Google scholar. Also it has some useful functions such as citation, related articles, and web search function. With citation function users know how many times the target paper is cited and which paper cited the target paper. Related articles function shows other papers related to the target paper. Web search function helps users find information related to the paper on the web.