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CiteSeer: The main advantage of this site is it can find the citations of the papers or authors for references. It also integrates the famous search engines so that we can quickly refine the searches in one website.

ACM Portal: ACM is the biggest organization in computer literature holding the premier conferences in every aspect in computer science. This site includes the full text of every article ever published by ACM, so it is the first resource we should go look into if we want trustable references.

Google Scholar: Google bot craws almost every web page in the whole world. Thus, it includes almost every paper or article related to what we are interested in. The downside is that it also includes the papers that are not published or not trustable so we should examine the origin of the papers before we reference them. However, reading lots of papers might broaden our viewpoints and can help us come up with the new ideas or accidentally discover the new things.

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