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Citeseer had some interesting features, especially relating to contexts. I liked having the ability to continue digging deeper into an area based on what I was looking into, rather than just trying a new query. I also found the graphs for citations very interesting.

ACM Portal:
Of the three different search engines the ACM portal was my least favorite. However, it was not without its strengths. It seemed that the ACM Portal most often had direct links to the full documents (perhaps only due to a CU subscription). Another thing I liked about the ACM portal was the easy access to providing feedback on the site. I also liked how the ACM portal provided a short description of each paper on the results page. When sifting through a large number of papers it is often helpful to have more information than just the title and author on the first screen.

Google Scholar:
I thought Google Scholar was the easiest to use and the most straight forward. I am not entirely sure if it is my familiarity with Google or just the fact that it is easier. I also thought Google had the most extensive selection of documents. I liked the citation count for each paper, however, I noticed large differences between Citeseer's citation count and Google's on some of the same papers/books.

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