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Citeseer – about the best to get almost all relevant publications of a particular subject with its referencing database (start with any article on a particular subject, find the definitive article referenced and find other articles based on that). One can sometimes find different applications of a particular subject that may otherwise have been missed with simple keyword search. The provided BibTEX entry is convenient (and provides a way to auto index new articles following that convention), as is link to download the actual article.

ACM digital library – Was down earlier, never used it before.

Google Scholar – a good keyword searching database (but that's not surprising). The versioning system is, well, not all that. It probably is a better system to find recently published (or unpublished) articles that may not have been indexed properly. The citation system, however, only seem to go one way, which is less useful. Given the track record of google, the system probably will have better up time than the other 2.

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