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Of these publication browsers, Citeseer is definitely the most “wiki-like”, allowing users to comment and modify article summaries. Although the interface leaves much to be desired, the content offers some very helpful information such as number of citations, sample citations, and allows a user to sort search results by the number of citations. I had a difficult time finding more recent publications, so a possible downside is that it may not be updated very frequently.

Google Scholar
In my opinion, Google Scholar is the simplest, most accurate, and most helpful publication search engine. My favorite features of Google Scholar include: article groupings, citation statistics, the related articles feature, a list of authors which whom the author(s) frequently publish, searching within a date range, and an inline notification when an article is available via Chinook. This tool would provide a researcher with several publication sources, so they could easily combine the advantages of sites such as Citeseer and ACM without being restricted by their more limited search capacity.

The ACM portal provided some of the most useful citation functions, the majority of cited articles were linked, Bibtex and Endnote formats were available, and authors were linked to all of their publications. Although the number and types of articles available here are definitely limited, it is of course a valuable resource for viewing any ACM journals/publications. Additionally, it is important to mention that unlike the previous two it isn’t free.

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