Kyuhan's Assignment 2

Kyuhan Koh - Assignment 2

During building a Japanese learning simulation for my master thesis,
I've met two professors in psychology department, one of them was my thesis defense
committee member, and asked advices to build my simulation better.

At that time I've taken two HCI courses, and cognitive science and psychology were
covered with those courses. I believed I could think a little bit out of the engineer’s
attitude. However, I realized I was a stubborn engineer. My idea as an engineer and
their ideas as a psychologist didn't match. I believe that this situation happens a lot
in real world.

I wonder what the best way is to train engineers or engineering major students not to
think like an engineer but a cognitive scientist. I mean how the Institute of Cognitive
Science discipline engineers as cognitive scientists.

Personally I chose a strategy to be exposed by reading more papers about psychology
and taking their courses. But I believe there is a better way than this.