Shumin Wu's Questionaire

1. your name: Shumin Wu

2. the intended topic area for your PhD: Machine Learning

3. most important reason for you personally to get a PhD
Work really just wasn't very challenging anymore.

4. name three computer scientist which YOU consider most important for the field and what you consider their contribution
4.1. Alan Turing
So this is a popular choice... Amongst his many other contributions, he has been called the Father of Artificial Intelligence. He conjectured a future with machines automating many daily tasks and has also developed the "Turing Test" for "intelligence".
4.2. Michael Garey
Intractability. There was a time when people thought the whole AI problem could be solved with a 10-20 year advancement of computing power. Garey's NP-Completeness theory showed us that even for the computers, they need to work "smarter", not harder.
4.3. Vladimir Vapnik
Support Vector Machine. The statistical classification that's in vogue for current learning algorithms.

5. name the three most important, professionally relevant books which you have read
5.1. The Mythical Man-Month
5.2. Hmm, I really don't read a lot...

6. assuming you will collaborate with researchers and explore ideas outside of CS during your PhD studies which domains are the most likely candidates for this effort
6.1. Human-Computer Interaction
6.2. Natural Language Processing
6.3. Computer Networking

7. briefly characterize your own digital literacy:
7.1. which programming language do you know (mention them in an order of decreasing familiarity)

7.2. describe the top three projects (problem, programming language used, for what) which you have done in the past
1) AMITIES: automated voice answering system that can tolerate imprecise voice inputs. (Java, C++)
2) ACTR: robotic system marketed as a soldier assistant (C++)
3) C2ORE: Command and Control system with integrated ground and aerial robots (Java, C++)

7.3. which are the top three applications that you are familiar with (e.g. Photoshop, Canvas, Dreamweaver, iMovie, .)?

8. List your three favorite topics that you would like to see discussed in this course!
8.1. How to find a good research topic
8.2. Current research at the department
8.3. Social impact of computer technology