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Question about the Wiki

Q: How do I edit a page?
A: To edit a page, you need to be signed in. To do so, click the 'sign-in' button on the right of the bar at the top. If you haven't done so already, you can also register as a new user on that page.
After you signed in, you need to go to the page you want to edit. On that page, press the 'edit' button on the bar at the top. Now you will see two text boxes. The upper one is for the actual page that is currently edited, the lower one defines the left menu.

Q: Which pages is it appropriate for me to edit?
A: In general, we want to encourage you to participate, and it is possible and appropriate for you to edit any page. As a community, we can develop some norms as we proceed that help us not to "step on one another's toes". Use good judgement, but err on the side of participation :-).

Q: How do I change the information about me (in the list of the participants)?
A: Go to the corresponding page and press "edit" (it's in the bar at the top). Now you can see the current version and change it as you like. (To do this, you need to be signed in -> see first question)

Q: How do I add an additional topic to the overview on the home page?
A: Go to the home page and press "edit" (it's in the bar at the top). In the lower textbox you can see and edit the menu on the left. In this box, add a link to the page that you want to link to (can also be a new/not-yet-existent page) and save the changes. If the page/link didn't exist before, a "create" button will appear behind the new entry on the left menu. As soon as this page created, it will also be included in the overview (if it was derived from this page). If you link in another page and wish for it to appear in the overview, you need to go to the page and make the home page (page 1) the parent of that page.

Q: How would i get an icon to appear in the overview diagram?
A: Upload a file named "pageicon.gif" to the page that you want to have the icon associated with. It will automatically appear above the name in the overview diagram.

Q: How can I change the overall "looks" of the wiki?
A: The ability to change the looks of the wiki are limited to an "owner" of the wiki. However, we acknowledge that the developers of the current layout are not graphic artists and would welcome contributions that aspect. Please contact the menehune if you would like to contribute something or would like to become actively involved as a graphics menehune.

Q: What is a menehune?
A: The menehune is(are) the person(s) who administer(s) this wiki. (Given the history of using Hawaiian words in wiki nomenclature, it seemed like a good idea to find a Hawaiian term to express "those who do the magic behind the scenes" more at: google:define:menehune)

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Q: How can I be apprised of changes that happen in the Wiki?
A: We have just added a feature that shows the most recent changes to the Wiki on the home page on the right-hand side (this is an abbreviated version of what is shown when you click on the "changes" button in the menu bar across the top of the page. We are also experimenting with some RSS feeds as well as mailing lists to inform people when changes occur. For more information see the staying informed page.

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