Joel Pfeiffer

Joel Pfeiffer

(Joseph John Pfeiffer, III)


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Hello, and welcome to me! Officially I am Joseph, but please call me Joel. This is my first time in Boulder, and I come from Las Cruces, NM, which is a small city about 45 minutes from the Mexican border. In December of 2006 I received my BS with a major in Computer Science with a supplementary major in Math from New Mexico State University. I've also spent the last few years as a coop at the Johnson Space Center, working on, among other things, the SCOUT rover and Robonaut.

My interests currently lie in the Robotics area. I am going to be working with Dr. Grudic on the DARPA LAGR project this fall, and my adviser is Shiv Mishra. I'll be in AI and Architecture, so I'm sure I'll see some of you in there with me!

As for non school stuff, I grew up in hot temperature and am stoked to see snow that is more that .5" deep! Last winter I picked up snowboarding and I just bought a one, so I will likely spend most weekends on the mountains. I am an avid fan of music, and enjoy playing the clarinet when I get a chance. Any time I am not in the lab or at a concert I am probably hiking or fishing, and I play virtually all sports (which really means that I don't play any of them very well). I'm also a fan of sipping Tea.

I'm sure we are all in for a great time!

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