Soumya's Assignment 8

I am not really concerned about computing being a viable source of employment. I believe that computing is an essential part of life and is beginning to transcend most facets of everyday mundane tasks. This leads me to believe that the industry as a whole will continue to grow with the kind of jobs available diversifying as more and more aspects of business, recreation and education become computationally active.

I agree most with the reports claim that offshoring may not increase research in the offshored countries much. I believe this is true, primarily because the jobs outsourced are often standardized, low-end general jobs (as the report also points out) not requiring RnD in the offshored countries. As a result there is no significant economic push ( atleast from offshoring) in these countries to develop research programs.

I found myself agreeing with most aspects of the report. I do not disagree with any part of the report strongly enough to report here.