Jinho's Assignment 8

2-1) I see the future of computing very bright in most ways; however, the preference of works related to it may change in time. For example, when there were not enough programmers, mostly before dot com boom, they were treated so highly that being a programmer was one of the top preferred jobs. Now since there are so many of them, and the role of programmers kind of switched from a manager-level to a regular worker, it is not as preferred. I believe that IT business will keep growing, at the same time the area of study or work related to it will continuously change.

2-2) The report more focused on the globalization but did not specify how the IT trend has changed and will likely change.

3-1) Most agree with: The Economics of Offshoring

- It is not likely that the current technology leaders will lose their technological leadership position. Since these countries are the ones started most of the businesses and already have years of researches, they have clear advantages in both developing and creating desired products. On the other hand, considering that a big proportion of IT products are produced in some other countries like India or China, it is possible that these countries will become one of the technology leaders sometime in the future.

3-2) Most disagree with: The Globalization of Research

- 'Offshoring' may not increase researches in other countries much. South Korea has very high rate of education (about 80% of adults have college+ degree), and also develops various IT products, but when it comes to research, they depend on other countries like US because there are not many organizations that can support it. As long as US keeps all the funds and prominent journals or conferences, the papers will be published in the States even if the work is done entirely by other country people.

4) The department can offer more opportunities for Internship so students can actually see the real IT world.