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1) are you concerned about: "the future of computing as a viable field of study and work."

Sure, we all need to be fed somehow, right? Going through a PhD program is a big investment. Though my motives are not all financial, it would be nice to be able to find a nice paying job in the States. However, the deeper trouble comes if we lose the edge in basic research. If the US ever loses its leadership role in innovation and research development in computing, then it can be a real disruption of way life as I know it now.

While the report addressed some concerns on the availability of certain types jobs that are not easily outsourced, it failed to adequately address how US may retain its leadership role in computing. Though that is a broader issue of public policy.

2) what are the issues in the report you most strongly agree with?

The facts. Globalization and out-sourcing is here to stay. Whether one thinks it's a good thing or not in the long term, one needs acknowledge that. The historical background of the computing development of the various country also serve to educate the readers.

what are the issues in the report you most strongly disagree with?

The recommendations provided in the report are perhaps its weakest part. While the reports can make good public policy recommendations (it failed to do that adequately), it tried to make recommendations to students and workers in the field. Certain policies can be detrimental to the long term viability of the industry but may provide short term gains, such as unionization and isolationism, but the report is not in position to make those recommendations.

3) name one action which our department should undertake to address your major concerns

Influence broad policy makers on the long term benefits of basic research and innovation.

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