Kyuhan's Assignment 8

If someone asked me whether I am concerned about the future of computing as a viable field of study and work, I would say ‘no’. Computer science or IT industry has shown its influence to create markets, jobs and new technologies in other industries, and it still has the potential. When the impact of the end of the boom came, many people was skeptical about the future of computing. At that time, it was dot com bubble era; it was a kind of mirage. Still, we can find IT technologies are being utilized in various fields where we’ve never thought they could be. IT industry will continue to grow and make more connections between other fields. It still has a long way to go. Thus, why do we need to concern about that?

Through page 31 to 34, this paper suggests the evolution of education system and revision of curriculum. It is absolutely true, I strongly agree with that. Especially, when we are concerned about globalization and offshoring, nobody doubts its necessity. The trend in IT field has been changed rapidly, but can we say education system has evolved enough to train students to cope with this change? Offshoring and globalization are not unfamiliar issues anymore. Even though we know why and how much important they are, our education system seems to be aloof with that. I do not mean this evolution should be new technology oriented, but I mean students should be inspired to see the world with broad vision by education.

To make CU students better prepare for a successful future in the system, software, and services portion of the global information technology field, I believe its curriculum should cover not only pure computer science but other academic fields such as economics, ethics and politics. Also, students should be given more opportunities to meet or co-work with foreign researchers in US or outside of US.