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      • Citeseer—
Citeseer privoides search function in its homepage which is easy use to search documents by inputing the key words. It also provides the entry to do google search which can help people to search more documents with out the limitation of CiteSeer documents. When you find the document you want, Citeseer will list the all useful documents related with this document like Cited by, simliar documents.

      • ACM digital library—
ACM digital library provoides not only the search function but also the index which can help you to find documents in specific area you want to explore. Furthermore, when you got search results, you can sort the results by the order you want. Also except the title and author, the search results also give out some abstract about the document.

      • google scholars—
comparing with Citeseer and ACM digital library, google scholars is more extensive. You can find books, paper, docuemnts on it. Google scholars is also very easy to use.

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