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Citeseer: Citeseer is an online database which provides free access to various research papers in different formats (ps,pdf,etc.). It shows similar research papers, and also the follow-on papers that cited the original paper. It also provides a bibtex entry, which can be easily copied to own .bib file for reference.

Google Scholar I like Google scholar because of its unique way of listing the names of the authors according to the relevance of the topic. It does cite conference proceedings, journals and books on the searched topic. Using Google's search-engine, it offers a better visualization and context to the search topic.

ACM It is a digital library of ACM publications only. It is partially free and offers the full text to some publications only. However, it does provide the abstract and citations for most of the publications. Hence, although it is not complete, it often happens to me that after reading an abstract, I understand that I am not looking for this topic, or I may feel interested and in that case, I try to visit the author's webpage, where the full text is generally available.

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