Research Projects

Research Projects

Recent Research Projects with NSF

Fischer/Arias/Eden/Eisenberg (2001-2005): “Social Creativity and Meta-Design in Lifelong Learning Communities”, $1,282,353— Directorate of Education and Human Resources (EHR)

Fischer/Eden/Giaccardi/Ye (2006 – 2009): “A Meta-Design Framework for Participative Software Systems”, $745,448 — CISE Directorate, Science of Design Program

Fischer/Eden: (2007 – 2008); “SGER: A New Generation Wiki for Supporting a Research Community in Creativity and IT”, $199,974 — CISE Directorate

NSF Projects — Pending

Fischer/Eden (2007 – 2008): “SGER: Increasing Participation and Sustaining a Research Community”; CreativeIT Program (recommended)

Fischer/Kintsch (2009-2012): “Transformative Models of Learning and Discovery by Exploiting the Long Tail”;
Proposal to NSF Program on “Cyber-enabled Discovery and Innovation (CDI)”,

Fischer/Eden (2009 – 2012): “Sociotechnical Systems in Support of a Participation Culture”;
Proposal to NSF Program “Virtual Organizations as Sociotechnical Systems (VOSS)”

Research Projects with Private Donors / Endowments (Coleman Institute)

1999 – current: Fischer/Sullivan/Gorman (2000-present): “Clever: Cognitive Levers — Helping People Help Themselves”,

Recent Research Projects — Industry

SAP (2007/08): “Giving All Stakeholders a Voice — Understanding and Supporting the Creativity and Innovation of Communities Using and Evolving Software Products”

Google (2007/08) (specifically: collaboration with Boulder Office): “Motivating and Empowering Users to Become Active Contributors— Supporting the Learning of High-Functionality Environments”

Recent Research Projects — Outreach

CU- Boulder: Giaccardi/Fischer/Sieber (2006 – 2007): "Community of Soundscapes",

CU-Boulder: Arias/Eden/Fischer (2006 – 2007): " Socio-Technical Environments in Support of Learning, Participation, Collaboration, and Design”
Giaccardi/Fischer (2007 – 2008); "Catch the Sound", CU-Boulder

Outreach → NSF: Giaccardi/Fischer (recommended) “Community of Soundscapes—Expanding Environmental Awareness through Capture and Sharing of Sonic Experiences”; Communicating Research to Public Audiences Program, NSF