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Player 1


You are a 19-year-old college student in your second year. You live in an apartment in this neighborhood because you cannot afford to live downtown.

Marriage and children are far into the future for you. You want to enjoy your life and have a good time while you are a university student. Most of your friends live in downtown Boulder. You really like to go with them to parties on the University Hill, or meet them regularly for some beers. You also enjoy going often to the movies with them. Therefore, most of your activities are on campus, around it, or in the City.

In order to pay for your studies and buy a car and you work on some of your free days for a company located between Boulder and Denver. To get there you have to go downtown and catch one of the Denver busses. It is sometimes really difficult to get to town from Gunbarrel, especially as it is quite a way from your apartment to the bus stop. Getting home is often difficult, as there are few busses in the evenings.

On this map there is an X on the spot where you live.