Gerhard Fischer: “Design, Learning, and Collaboration” — Spring Semester 2005

Assignment 5 — Bill Joy Article


1. Wed, February 2, 2005; 9am on the class website

2. you can work as a group and submit one answer as a group (clearly identifying the members of your group)

3. max length: two pages

Read the following article:

Bill Joy: “Why the future doesn't need us”
available at:

Discuss the following issues:

1. write a one paragraph summary statement about the article characterizing the main message of the article?

2. Who is Bill Joy?

3. what did you find

3.1. interesting about the article?

3.2. not find interesting about the article?

4. with which arguments (focused on predicting future developments) do you

4.1. agree

4.2. disagree

5. does the article relate to

5.1. other topics / themes you have studied at CU?

5.2. to your personal interests and life?

6. how should we react to this article

6.1. on an individual basis?

6.2. on a societal basis?

7. which concepts /names mentioned in the article did you not understand?

8. would you consider yourself

8.1. a techno-utopist (“glorifying the future”)

8.2. a techno-pessimist (“glorifying the past”)

8.3. or how would you characterize your own position?

9. how well have futurists succeeded or failed to predict the disappearance in the digital age of

9.1. paper

9.2. books

9.3. physical libraries

9.4. distances between people