Lecture Material Page
slides:guest lecture April 13 Shin'ichi Konomi: "Context Awareness" konomi-slides-apr13.ppt

slides:lecture March 30 "Individual and Social Creativity" creativity-indiv-social.pdf

slides:lecture March 28 "Distributed Cognition" distributed-cogn-hutchins.pdf

slides:lecture March 14 "HFAs, LoD, User Modeling" um-lod-hfas-march14.pdf

slides:lecture March 9 "Community of Learners" rogoff-comm-of-learn-mar9.pdf

slides:lecture March 7 "Couch-Potatoes" couch-potato-march7.pdf

slides:lecture Feb 28 "Learning: Speculation - Science" bransford-learn.pdf

slides:lecture Feb 21 "Meta-Design" meta-design-feb21.pdf

slides:lecture Feb 16 "Less is More" buxton-less-is-more-feb16.pdf

slides:lecture Feb 14 "DODEs and Critics" critics-embed-dodes-feb14.pdf

slides:lecture Feb 7 "Simon's Architecture of Complexity" simon-archi-complexity.pdf

slides:lecture Feb 2 "Bill Joy: Why the Future..." joy-bill-article.pdf

slides:lecture Jan 24 "Overview of Collaboration" overview-collab-jan24.pdf

slides:lecture Jan 19 "Overview of Learning" overview-learning-jan24.pdf

slides: lecture Jan 12 "Overview of Design" overview-design-jan12.pdf

slides: lecture on Jan 10 "General Introduction" first-lecture-jan10.pdf