Homework #3 - Javier Velez and Ali Hassani

Read the following article:

Arias, E. G., Eden, H., Fischer, G., Gorman, A., & Scharff, E. (2000) "Transcending the Individual Human Mind—Creating Shared Understanding through Collaborative Design," ACM Transactions on Computer Human-Interaction, 7(1), pp. 84-113. http://l3d.cs.colorado.edu/~gerhard/papers/tochi2000.pdf

More Information about the Envisionment and Discovery Collaboratory (EDC) can be found at: http://l3d.cs.colorado.edu/systems/EDC/

Briefly discuss the following issues for the paper that you have read:
1. what did you find

1.1. interesting about the article?

It is really interesting about how we should avoid closed systems and try to develop open ones. The pictures are really interesting, they show EDC is formed. It also shows what problems we should try to solve for the future of HCI.

1.2. not interesting about the article?


2. what do you consider the main message of the article?

How we could use systems such as EDC which is a system that encourages collaboration between human beings and computers, in order to ease the design process by involving people with different backgrounds and encouraging them to have input on the development.

3. are themes discussed in the article which you would like to know more about?

Open system is been discussed a lot, but the paper doesn’t discuss how we can act upon making it more common between people and encouraging them to adopt it in every single practice.

4. what did you find interesting about the “EDC” system?

It is really interesting how it converges between action space and reflection space. It always opens the doors for reflections to be part of those solutions, but it also includes practical approaches to solving the problem.

5. do you know of other papers, ideas, and systems which are closely related to the article and the “EDC” system?


6. what do the article and the associated system say about

6.1. design: is an issue regarding the development of system, and that a system must be open so it can evolve through time and the evolution of it should be the product of help and collaboration of every single member of the group

6.2. learning: it is the product of people helping each other and learning form each other. Learning is a process in which an individual learns through practice, learning from mistakes, and not actually learning from manuals.

6.3. collaboration: people should collaborate with each other when a solution for a complex problem has not been achieved, so sharing knowledge will help achieve this goal.

6.4. innovative media to support these activities? EDC system is a prefect way to support these activities. Collaboration is a good way to deal with the all the issues learning and designing processes carry.

7. do you have any ideas how this research could / should be extended (based on your own knowledge and experience)?

Yes, universities should integrate it as a course in every single curriculum to allow students to take a closer look at it and give them the opportunity to add their input to it. It should also be introduced to the professional world in forms of seminars.