Analysis of Answers Given to Assignment

The majority of the people seemed
to enjoy the article, with the exception of a few who felt that some content
was dry and redundant. When asked what was most interesting, a lot of people
seemed to enjoy the stories told in the boxes throughout the text (Fish is Fish
and Darts in Water). I thought this was very interesting. People seem to really
enjoy stories as a form of learning because the messages and concepts are easy
to grasp and they are usually entertaining. Thinking back, this is how many
cultures have passed knowledge on to future generations and taught their children.
Throughout peoples responses, I was most interested in the answers to question
number 4 about the most interesting learning experience of their lives. Although
all of them were interesting, they ran the gamut from learning from being told
to self-directed learning (the ape example all the way to the guitar example).
I think this illustrates that all forms of learning are important and can provide
useful knowledge to us in our lives. We cannot just learn by self-motivation,
and on the same token, not simply learn by being told. A mix between the two
will provide for the best learners. Most answers to question 5 defining the
different forms of learning were fairly similar, and a lot of responses summarized
the web and computers as their primary forms of learning.