After reading all of the answers that my classmates have come up with, it looked like the main thoughts about this article are characterized by a lot of interest in the concepts meta-design and EUD and their benefits on the delivery of a better product that satisfies the user needs because of the direct envolvment of the stakeholders and users in it. But, at the same time that these ideas seem to catch many people's thoughts, it looked like there was a lot of scepticism as to how to implement these concepts, and more importantly, how to motivate end-users to know about the product they are investing on in such a way that they can change it to fit their needs better. It seems that every single end user would need to catch up with the ideas that designers were exposing in order for him to have any kind of input. Moreover, every end user would need to have skills that are matching the designers of the product to ease the changing and the integration of his or her ideas in the development of the product. It is really nice to have open input system like LINUX running and constantely improving because of what the end users add to them, but it seems that there is a need a need to find some sort of a motivation that would make end users of any product educate themselves about the product they are using so they can change it to fit their needs.