Assignment8:Divya Ashok
1. what did you find (articulate the answers in your own words)

1.1. interesting about the article?

The argument that was put against the notion "one size fits all is good" was very interesting.
The part where the author gives examples of how people drew computer when asked the question "to sketch of a computer" and "sketch a computer imagining it is about 1969"

1.2. not interesting about the article?

Some of the examples even though relevant to the agrument put forward were not so interesting.

2. what do you consider the main message of the article?

Eventhough the technological advancement is good, it would be good if it were human centric rather than technology centric. Also for the technology to advance towards the right future, all the people from different discipline(Psychologists, Artists, etc) have to work together.

3. Please comment on the following claim: “Despite the increasing reliance on technology in our society, in my view, the key to designing a different future is to focus less on technology and engineering, and far more on the humanities and the design arts.”

3.1. agree / disagree? and
3.2. which are the personal consequences which you draw from this statement?

Niether. I think we need to concentrate on technology as well as design at this point. I do agree that we have more technology than design but not enough to say well we can now stop worrying about technology and start concentrating on design. I do agree that we need to work on design as in the essay it showed that our image of a computer has not changed from 1980's machine.

3.3. are the educational programs you are involved addressing this claim?

No, most of the educational programs I am involved in stress on technology.

4. Please comment on the following claim: “Given the much discussed constraints on human ability, how can we expect an individual to maintain the requisite specialist knowledge in their technological discipline, while at the same time have the needed competence in industrial design, sociology, anthropology, psychology, etc., which this essay implies are required to do one’s job?”

4.1. agree / disagree? and
4.2. which are the personal consequences which you draw from this statement?

I disagree, If one single person had all the knowledge like technology, sciology, anthropology etc.., then it is like saying the notion "one size fits all" is good which contradicts to the author himself. And a school cariculam which provides all these skills to a student will be producing students who will be Jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none.

4.3. are the educational programs you are involved addressing this claim?

Yes in a way, we as engineering students have to take certain number of humanities courses. So all of us have to take a course called Humanities for Engineers.

5. Do you feel that the “Design, Learning, and Collaboration” course addresses these two claims?

Yes, I do. Eventhough the DLC class has more of CS major students there are student whose majors are different(Education and Psychology), So we get to hear about their opinions and the wide range of topics being covered in the class also helps us the word desing in different perspectives.