1.what do you find interesting about this paper?

This paper discussed a very interesting topic. Have the new technologies being changed the way we work? Can the new technologies change the way we work? If so, how are the changes going to occur? What are the limitations? One thing I'd like about this paper is that the authors explore the topic thoroughly with views from different angles.

2. what do you find not interesting about this paper?

There is nothing in particular that I am not interested in this paper. One thing I feel about this paper is that it offers more problems than the solutions about the roles of the morden technologies in changing the ways we can work. Another thing the paper didn't discuss is the work that will never be taken to the home. A few examples are surgeons, basic science researchers who depend heavily on the sophisticated equipment or who may work with hazadous materials (like radioactive materials used by biologist). In my point of view, the number of the person who can really work at home is quite limited.

3. Think about a couples of persons who are in a position to use computer by being "home alone"! Characterize the major problems that these persons have!

None of the person I am familiar with are really work at home. One friend of mine who works for Qwest sometime can work from home occasionally, which is less than once a week. I believe work from home is best suited for those who are self employed. Otherwise, you can image all the problems raised in the paper, including lack of peer support and social enviornment. Also, people may not work as hard and as efficient as they should be because of lack of competitive environment.

4. Describe briefly some new innovative technologies that you can think of which would address these problems!

I think the communication techniques is crutial for the success of working from home. If a combination of technologies that can create a virtual environment with social sense in it for effective and convinient team collaboration, it may have good chance to be used successfully in future. I believe internet technologies still have the best chance to achieve that.