Questionnaire #2

  1. What are aspects of the course so far that are positive and need to be sustained?

    The papers are definitely a good part of this course and I think we should continue reading papers at the rate we are doing right now. The short homework are also good because they are not heavy burden homeworks and require us to summarize our understanding of the paper.

  2. What do you think about the following parts of the course?

  3. How would you improve the course?

    I would probably put some more non-L3D related projects to study in class. Also probably not go over all the details of the paper in class other than stuff that we have concerns about (which can be seen from our short homeworks).

  4. Self-assessment – please let us know how well YOU think you have done in the course.

    I think I am doing quite well in this class. I have not been beating my head on the wall for this class because the material is not that hard to grasp. The papers are pretty well written and I do not have to drive myself crazy trying to understand the new concepts. I am enjoying the class since it does not pose a big burden and I do not feel "forced" to learn things.

    In general, I am not very comfortable with skipping class so I have not missed any as yet. Since the class size is so small, I do not find it that hard to voice my opinions and to let myself hear other people's opinions too.

    I believe our group has been working pretty hard on the Independent Research Project and I am satisfied with our progress. I am excited about getting our project underway with real-time information from "real world" examples. The Group Research Project is not progressing as fast as the IRP since the time constraints are not that tight. I am more excited about the independent project than I am about the group project.