Notes on the Courses Swiki

This is the prototype parent Swiki for a Swiki to support course collaboration.

The column of links to the left represent elements of specific interest to use in this context.

The first set of links ("Course Documents") represent course-related pages.

The next set ("Swiki Features") are simply the standard Swiki command elements represented as text (the iconic forms also appear at the bottom of the page)

The final set of links are to related organizations/topics of interest to the course.

January, 2005

Needed to migrate to Swiki version 1.3 due to problems with instability last year.

Notes on Migration to Swiki version 1.3

Found some notes on the process:

the only note i found on convertOldATA was:

needed to do two conversions at the basic level.

the first should only be done once and does not need to be done while the server is running (perhaps it even has to be run without the server running?). (if it is run a second time, it has already converted all of the As, Ts, and As, so there are none to convert, yet it still creates a new meta.xml file and overwrites the previous one.

the second command needs to be done while the server is running. (see comment in code: "Conversion method used to convert old Swikis (pre-Beta 11) to the new file format. This is to be run after the new server is up and running."

However these are not sufficient to handle everything.

  1. there are no longer many of the individual button actions–they have been "hoisted" into the image (as the SwikiColorScheme>>button: method) and a showButtons action added. This caused some problems with the vertical menu setup that was used before.
  2. actions/templates/addreses now use mixedCase for their names, so many of the ATAs are not being found. in most cases it was simpler to use The new basic ATAs, but there were some that are integral to the course swiki (such as view, navarea), so i had to modify them to use the mixedCase naming. i tried to move the old versions (e.g. save to save-old) in case i need to find out something about them in the future.
  3. upload handling is different, and caused problems converting swikis that used the old way.
  4. this version apparently (i haven't tracked down the code for it) contained the $ formatting, which was missing in the image from georgia tech, so i guess that was an addition that eric made.


more later