The Envisionment and Discovery Collaboratory

Welcome to the EDC Transportation Planning Session

Please contribute your perspectives to the redesign of the Bus Route in the Gunbarrel neighborhood
 Redesigning the route
We are now ready to tackle the central task of this meeting. Based on the discussion so far, you should now turn your focus on how the bus route and stop placement could best meet the needs of your community.

Using the markers and chart paper spread across the table, sketch and discuss possible solutions, argue the strengths and weakness of various possibilities, and endeavor to reach a degree of consensus.

You can use the bus-route-editing tool to extend the current route or to specify a completely new version of the route. Placing bus stop physicons allows you to specify new bus stops and relocate them as needed.

Buses can be placed on the route and allowed to run to simulate the time needed to complete a circuit through your neighborhood. (Warning: this is only a rudimentary simulation and does not consider all factors that enter into the time required to complete a circuit of the route: traffic, traffic lights, differences in speeds allowed on different roads, etc.).
First NameLast NamePlayer Role
AaronVimontplayer 1
ArielAguilarplayer 1


 Map Legends


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