The Envisionment and Discovery Collaboratory

Welcome to the EDC Transportation Planning Session

Please contribute your perspectives to the redesign of the Bus Route in the Gunbarrel neighborhood
 Walking distance discussion
This phase will allow you to consider how far you are willing to walk to catch the bus, as well as circumstances that may affect that choice.

In the first portion of this phase, two kiosks with a "sun" icon (indicating good weather) are shown at corners of the display. Again, use your personal figurine to specify the number of blocks that you would be willing to walk to catch the bus under the best of circumstances. A translucent, colored "halo" will appear around your house indicating the area covered by your choice.

After each of you are satisfied with your choice, we can proceed to the next portion.

Two additional kiosks with thunderstorms depictions are added in the remaining corners that allow you to specify how far you would walk under less than ideal circumstances. You may want to consider such issues as rain, snow, sleet, darkness, or wind, as well as situations where you need to carry luggage, packages, or groceries.

After you specify this information a darker circle outline is superimposed on the previous circle showing your "bad weather" walking distance.

Hopefully, this information will assist you in redesigning the bus route and deciding on bus stop placement.
First NameLast NamePlayer Role
AaronVimontplayer 1
ArielAguilarplayer 1


 Game Pieces

 Map Legends


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