The Envisionment and Discovery Collaboratory

Welcome to the EDC Transportation Planning Session

Please contribute your perspectives to the redesign of the Bus Route in the Gunbarrel neighborhood
 Surveys and Introductions
This phase focuses on allowing you to specify some information about yourself and to introduce yourself to rest of the participants.

First of all, you should use your personal figurine to specify where your house is on the map (simply place the figurine on the table and a house icon will appear).

Around the edges of the table are various "information kiosks" (yellow ovals with icons indicating their purpose) that you can use to specify information about yourself. Place your personal figurine on a kiosk and a menu will appear allowing you to specify information related to that kiosk. Everyone may visit the kiosks in parallel, in any order they wish. (you may revisit any kiosk to re-specify that information).

After everyone has completed the survey phase, take turns using the query tool (the one with the question marks on it) to display your information on the table and in the reflection space. Use this opportunity to tell the other participants a little bit about yourself and why you are interested in the bus route issue.

First NameLast NamePlayer Role
AaronVimontplayer 1
ArielAguilarplayer 1


 Game Pieces

 Map Legends


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