The Envisionment and Discovery Collaboratory

Welcome to the Williams Village Re-development Project

Please contribute your perspectives to the creation of a vital transportation-centered living environment.
 Description of Site and Context
This phase focuses on describing the William Village neighborhood. There are several types of land use that will be described by using different colors.

There are CU and the south edge of CU campus in the area, as well as a retail entertainment village. Use the game pieces and sketching tools to work with the other participants and locate them on the working map.

Gerhard's Slides
  • 7:30–Food
  • 7:45–Intros
  • 7:55–Paul
  • 8:00–Gerhard
  • 8:10–EDC
  • 8:45–MFA
  • 9:00–Brainstorm

 Land Use
Light Industrial
Open Space, Parks
Single-Family Residential
Multi-Family Residential
store Store
school School
bus route Draw Bus Route
bus stop Bus Stop
bus Bus

examples of data urls: Larry hello



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