The Envisionment and Discovery Collaboratory

Welcome to the EDC Transportation Planning Session

Please contribute your perspectives to the redesign of the Bus Route in the Gunbarrel neighborhood
 Discussion of land use in the neighborhood and the current route alignment
This phase focuses on describing the Gunbarrel neighborhood and the existing bus route.

There are several types of land use that will be described. The following is a legend of the color scheme used for this:

Blue: Light Industrial
Green: Open Space, Parks
Red: Commercial
Yellow: Single-Family Residential
Orange: Multi-Family Residential
Brown: Agricultural

There are 3 schools in the area, as well as a shopping center with a supermarket. Using the game pieces, work with your neighbors to locate these facilites as well as the various land use types on the map.

The roads that are capable of supporting bus movement are emphasized in white on the aerial base map. Use the road drawing tools to sketch out those roads.

The reflection space contains information on the existing bus route. Look at these resources and use them to draw the existing bus route. The transportation expert will assist you with this task as well as the location of the existing bus stops.

First NameLast NamePlayer Role
AaronVimontplayer 1
ArielAguilarplayer 1


 Game Pieces
Light Industrial
Open Space, Parks
Single-Family Residential
Multi-Family Residential
store Store
school School
bus route Draw Bus Route
bus stop Bus Stop
bus Bus

 Map Legends
Legend for Bus Routes

legend for census data

 Land Use Table

Land Use Type# of Blocks

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