The Envisionment and Discovery Collaboratory

Welcome to the Boulder Community Energy Sustainability Session

Please contribute your perspectives to improving Energy Sustainability in your neighborhood.
 Exploring similarities of Energy-Use Profiles around the neighborhood
This phase focuses on describing the Gunbarrel neighborhood and the existing bus route.

Each of you has a player piece to represent yourself in the tabletop environment. As you select various options at the "Kiosks" placed around the tabletop workspace, houses having similar characteristics to what you have selected will be color-coded on the map.

Blue: Participant One
Green: Participant Two
Red: Participant Three
Orange: Participant Four
Yellow: Participant Five


First NameLast NamePlayer Role
AaronVimontplayer 1
ArielAguilarplayer 1


 Game Pieces

 Map Legends

 Energy Use Graph

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