The Envisionment and Discovery Collaboratory

Welcome to the EDC Transportation Planning Session

Please contribute your perspectives to the redesign of the Bus Route in the Gunbarrel neighborhood
 Survey and Introductions
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Player 4


You are 35 years old and single. You want to be successful and really love your job, so you invest most of your energy into your work.

The company you work for is in the South Boulder, on Broadway. Often you need to drive to customers, as you are in the consulting business. Sometimes this includes troubleshooting, when machines do not run as they should or employees need to be shown how to handle them. This makes travel difficult to predict you never know where the consulting is or how long it takes to get there!

You do your groceries in Gunbarrel. Occasionally you meet with friends downtown for some cocktails, or for the movies, usually directly after work

As the bus route is very far from your home, you usually take your car to work although you have a bad conscience, because you are aware of the impacts automobiles cause on the environment

On this map there is an X on the spot where you live.

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