Exploratory projects

Exploratory projects

What exploratory research projects/programs should NSF fund in the first year of this program?

1. for emerging companies can you be an emerging company and still be creative
project: can SBIR recipients get new money to explore how to continue to be creative (e.g., beyond original work) for example, to create a skunkworks for new areas, while still working on their existing product

2. new models for education to produce creative people and creative teams:
project: teach people about "making" as a way to make them more creative

3. make users and students think outside the current applications about what is possible
project: tools to help novices and end users design and build ubicomp applications

4. need for brokers (help people understand what's new and what's been done before)
project: curators for creative IT projects (combining new technology and art in novel ways)
project: have a marketplace of such projects
project: speed dating as brokering (between projects)

5. studies about how new IT affects fundamental and radical ideas (and vice versa)
project: study how Google (or similar technologies) has impacted various creative efforts (everyone has a hypothesis about how it impacts their work, but can we tease out which of these factors has broad significance and could be generalized)

6. How can NSF open doors or how can help connect to other sources of funding? especially to companies
project: something like the canadian NCE (Network of centers of excellence)

7. community building and network building

8. long term relationships are important
project: take people who have already established long term relationships, bring them together and build on this.

9. perceptual research applied to media/real life
project: create tools to bring these capabilities to more people

10. using location data
project: media projects using geotagging

11. more generally, take a new idea coming out of CS (see 10) and see what artists can do with it.

12. creative process produces huge amounts of data; how can we organize the design space?

13. Dick Gabriel: draws parallels between poetry and programming (he is both)
project: research aimed at drawing parallels between creative activity in different domains

14. creative interpretations of complex systems (like sustainability)
project: individual choice has a big impact on sustainability. How could we use creativity to make people more aware of the impact of the choices they make?
project: work with Bruce Mau on extensions of his exhibit.

15. creative activities that immersive environments afford and what do they prohibit/constrain?
project: look at the dark side of what current technology does for creative endeavors as well as good

16. how we can use constraints to enhance creativity

17. automated creativity (Lenat, Langley, 80s). Should we go back and look at these ideas?

18. creativity in the realm of social policy
project: small countries are forming national design policies; is there a US response
project: demonstrate the value of creativity to business and national competiveness
project: can we enable teams to work more effectively (e.g. Larry Leifer animation)?

19. mashups
project: are mashups a fad or a new tool for long term can we figure out which
projects: fund a summer school with both tech and art students to study mashups

20. what happens when you get the best young designers in a domain together for a week? (build on smartgeometry.org or interaction design summer school in turkey)