Discussion: Identifying the key ingredients

Ideas from "Understanding"

Ideas from "music and programming"

Ideas from "Binary Choices"

What are the key ingredients?

What are the research methods in understanding new modes of creative practice and interdisciplinary research?

What models and tools are needed to support collaboration, innovation, design, etc.?

Are there theoretical contributions needed to improve creativity?

"Any sufficiently complex technology will be indistinguishable from magic."
~ Arthur C. Clarke

We need a theory that distinguishes the difference between expertise and creativity.

need theories on designing representations and notations supporting creativity


participant observer
objective observations
Descriptive accounts
What makes a good descriptive account?
what is the research method for making something new?
use constraints in your world to enforce creativity to emmerge

rapid prototyping

Personal observations can be legitimised through second-person observations that can lead to empirical studies.

need to place the research in the broader range of research stages

~ How do we make more creative people?

Design as a research methodology.

design as a research method

How about motivation, inspiration, pressure, luck, mistakes?

Next generation of IT tools to capture the creative process.

tools that capture the large number and versions of design alternatives

focus on fragements of information is a killer to creativity (need to look at ideas)

tools for finding new connections

standards can help creativity

premature standards can kill creativity

need for standards that enhance rather than stifle creativity

need criteria to stop "hopeful people" from dissipating their energy

implicit knowledge in creativity – tools are needed to help make implicit knowledge explicit