SGER: Preliminary Computational Studies of Societal Factors in Creative Designing

John Gero Investigator)

George Mason University
FAIRFAX, VA 22030 703/993-1000


The scope of this SGER project could represent transformative research in the understanding of how societal factors influence creative design. This is an important issue in Information Technology and Computing where creativity in system design is critical. Previous computational research in creativity, whether on simulating creativity or research on producing creativity support tools, focused primarily on the individual. There has been little research on societal factors and their influence on creativity. This research proposal aims to address the effects of societal factors in creative designing using novel computational models of both agents and social interactions derived from computer science, cognitive science and social psychology. This SGER project has the potential to lay the foundation for a new class of simulations of creative designing based on situated, constructive agents. It could open up an area of future research that allows the investigation of a range of factors previously not readily amenable to computational study.