Symposium on Computational Approaches to Creativity in Science

Will Bridewell Investigator)
Pat Langley (Co-Principal Investigator)

Institute for the Study of Learning and Expertise
2164 Staunton Court
Palo Alto, CA 94306 650/494-3884


This symposium explores the role of creativity in scientific discovery and how computational tools help us understand and increase scientific creativity. The symposium brings together researchers from a number of disciplines, who study science and creativity from different perspectives but who share a commitment to the computational metaphor. In addition to fostering interdisciplinary discussions, the participants in the symposium address the following questions at the intersection of creativity and scientific reasoning. - What role does creativity play in different facets of the scientific enterprise, and how can computational tools help in each context? - When does scientific creativity manifest as a systematic search through a problem space and when does it involve altering the problem representation? - When does background knowledge aid creativity in science and when does it interfere with the discovery of creative solutions? - How should we structure computational discovery aids to encourage scientific creativity? - What is the appropriate tradeoff between constraints and flexibility in creativity-support tools? - When do interactions among scientists increase creativity and how can computational aids for interaction support this process?