Daryl Hepting

Daryl Hepting
Associate Professor, Computer Science, University of Regina, Canada

Daryl is a member of the Department of Computer Science, where he earned both his bachelor's and master's degrees. He is also an associate member of the Department of Media Production and Studies at the University of Regina.

After his M.Sc., he worked on Benoit Mandlebrot's Fractals project at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Centre and Yale University. His computer-generated fractals have been published widely.He completed his Ph.D. at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, Canada in 1999 with the dissertation entitled "A New Paradigm for Exploration in Computer-Aided Visualization", which described the design and implementation of software to support creative problem solving. He returned to Regina after serving as CTO for a start-up in the interactive television services industry. His current research is focused on the development of tools to help people deal with and navigate complex information spaces, in application areas as diverse as environmental decision support, eyewitness identification, and multimedia composition.

He presented "Computational Support for P-Creative Solutions" at the Sixth International Roundtable Conference Computational and Cognitive Models of Creative Design, Heron Island, Australia in 2005. He served on the program committee for Creativity and Cognition 2007, and demonstrated "Software for Systematic and Imaginative Exploration" at the meeting. He is also a member of IFIP WG 5.11 (enviromatics) and he is co-organizer of a session entitled "Interaction Design for Environmental Information Systems" at the iEMSs 2008 meeting in Barcelona (July).

While on sabbatical in 2007-8, during which time he has served as Scientist-in-Residence at http://iQmetrix.com/. He also visited Gerhard Fischer and the Center for Lifelong Learning and Design at CU Boulder for 4 weeks during April and May.