CELL - an interdisciplinary investigation into adult stem cell behaviour

CELL - an interdisciplinary investigation into adult stem cell behaviour
Mark d'Inverno

Abstract. The CELL project was an interdisciplinary collaboration over 4 years that included an artist, a stem cell researcher, a curator, an ALife programmer and a mathematician. It employed a range of approaches to investigate stem cell behaviour. This included agent-based models; simulations and visualisations to model stem cell organisation in silico as well as art installations, which reflected on how different disciplines use representations and data visualisation.

The impact on all members of the team was very significant and it motivated Mark d’Inverno along with the artist Jane Prophet to set up an interdisciplinary research cluster (funded jointly by both the science council and the arts council in the UK) to further investigate the potential of interdisciplinary collaborative research in general. (Please see interdisciplinary.co.uk)

In this talk I will reflect on my experience of the process of interdisciplinary collaboration and attempt to lay down some ideas of the minimal conditions that need to be in place for it to flourish as well as enumerate some of the major obstacles.

Please look at http://doc.gold.ac.uk/~mas02md/cell/index.htm for some background, at http://doc.gold.ac.uk/~mas02md/cell/index.htm#simulations for some example stem cell simulations and at Jane Prophet's staining space that arose form this collaboration http://www.janeprophet.com/staining.html.

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