description of the plans for this area of the wiki

“Graduate Student Community in ‘Creativity and IT’” Section of the CreativeIT Wiki

The Why

We know from our interactions that many students currently working on research themes related to “Creativity and IT” live in sparse intellectual environments: not too many researchers in their immediate neighborhood are actively engaged in this type of research. Our goal is to help you to establish, evolve, and sustain a global virtual community interested in “Creativity and IT”.

Most theories of creativity indicate that we learn from others and with others. Our intention is that our envisioned socio-technical environment will help you to become a reflective community helping each other to make progress.

Our objective: to create a “win-win” situation for all participants:

The How

To get the “Graduate Student Community in ‘Creativity and IT’” of the ground, we have created a dedicated section in the CreativeIT Wiki at:
We have seeded this environment with your contact and your contribution to the CC2007 conference.

For the time being (and to honor your right to privacy of your CC2007 submission), we have protected this area of wiki by a group membership during its formative stages (as the process evolves, we can and should discuss whether your site should just be as open as the other parts of the wiki). We would like this community to grow over time: while we have selected you (based on your participation in the CC2007 Graduate Student Symposium), we encourage you to invite other researchers pursuing an advanced degree and engaging in research activities in “Creativity and IT” to join this effort (as we will do as well).

We view this as an opportunity for you to express your creativity by generating interesting ways of presenting your work, developing new ways of fostering interaction with your peers, and contributing to formation of new approaches to cultivating and sharing meaningful academic capital. We invite you to explore new ways to utilize web 2.0 approaches to these ends. We are also willing to provide as much support as is feasible to extend the wiki in ways that foster these goals.

Next Steps

Please indicate your interest in participating in the community building effort (and thereby competing for the rewards) by
At this point you are ready (with no limits to your creativity to how appealing your site will be) to document your research, publicize it, and get feedback from peers and established researchers.

The Rewards

Last but not least: we will award the best contributions to the wiki (as judged by a panel of external researchers and your own assessment) with a research award (whose exact nature will be determined in the future but we planning to give away fellowships to attend conferences or to visit active research groups in “Creativity and IT” of your choice).

We will organize future events for your community (for previous and currently planned events check out “Workshops” and “Conferences” in the wiki) at conferences, workshops, symposia, and possibly summer schools focused on “Creativity and IT”.