CreativeIT Workshop

Workshop on Synergies Between

Creativity and Information Technology, Science, Engineering, and Design:

Defining a Research Emphasis

November 2 and 3, 2006

Hilton Arlington Towers Hotel, Virginia

Mary Lou Maher, Program Director, IIS, CISE

Final Workshop Report: NSFCreativeITWorkshopNov06.pdf

Opportunities and Issues

Workshop Recommendations


The Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) is exploring an emphasis on the synergies between creativity and information technology, science, engineering, and design research. Information technology is playing an increasing role in extending the capability of human creative thinking and problem solving. Design, as a reflective process, develops new products in the context of a perceived need or problem. In design the reflection on problem finding becomes as important as problem solving knowing that designers often redefine the problem to be solved as they explore design solutions within a specific context. The combination of creativity and design thinking in information technology, science, and engineering has the potential to not only define new areas but to lead to increased successful innovation. Considering the synergy of creativity with research in design can have outcomes such as new models of creative cognitive and computational processes, new approaches to education for IT and non-IT students that encourage creativity, new modes of research that include creative professionals, and new tools to support human creativity. Placing this emphasis in Computer and Information Science and Engineering focuses the research on advances in computer science and information technologies with digital arts, design computing and cognition, and various areas of science and engineering.

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